Monday, November 8, 2010

Real Connections Lead to Learning

DSCN0005by lovemathmore
Images are all over the internet. Google offers a method of searching by "image". Cool is a great way to describe the link humans have between ideas and photos. Taping into this connection can help teachers engage students in powerful ways. Pictures can be used across curriculum. English, History , and even Math courses use imagery to help students draw upon prior knowledge and extend it to new concepts. Geometry is a course often thought to be full of contentless definitions and "proofs" , however using a interactive image book as a participatory set can alert students to the usefulness of mathematical ideas in the real world. Thanks to, I have created just that. Real Geometry in Action will allow my students to find, compare and investigate geometrical concepts using the web and modern day photos. Who said math is not fun? Students will complete this assignment after completing an assessment on perpendicular and parallel lines. The assignment will tie ideas from the previous unit and while previewing the next unit as well.

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  1. Your Bookr book was very creative. Actually I didn't know that you could insert whole pages of text. I think the images would definitely help explain those math concepts.

    If you are planning to use this book, be sure to check the last page which seems to be missing a word at the end. :-)

    Dr. Burgos