Monday, September 27, 2010

Ning me!

Wow.... after blogger , and voicethread I was totally surprised to look through NING. This site offers a place to upload information and monitor visitors, while allowing them to participate in forums and respond to possible questions. This is a great resource for teachers. A ning site I found that had some great help is Ning In Education. Loaded with lesson plan ideas from classroom teachers from grades K- Community College, is also a great forum discussing how to get the best out of your ning site. I would like to use this site as a place for students to respond to reflection questions in mathematics as a assessment, which would require them to respond to at least two other student responses.


  1. Ning sites for k12 educators are free, so if you want one, you just have to apply.

    Dr. Burgos

  2. Thanks ...will do. I think a combination between ning and delicious could work well.